february, 2020

29feb7:00 pmThe New Music - U.S. PremierAlso Screening: Islands Apart


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2019 Spirit of IndieCork Film Award Winner Adrian is world renowned pianist with a promising career ahead of him. Playing music is the only thing he lives for, but his life suddenly falls apart when he gets diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Afraid of the implications of the illness, Adrian tries to lose himself in Dublin passing himself off as a student where he finds a room in a shared apartment and meets Will, David and Jodie, three punk musicians who play together in a band called 'The Cellmates'.  Adrian slowly bonds with them, becoming fascinated with their lifestyle and the music they play, helping him temporarily forget his troubles and illness. He might not be destined to play Carnegie Hall anymore, but he has a new outlet for his musical talents and definitely a new outlook on life. View The New Music Trailer. We are delighted to welcome director Chiara Viale and actor Cilléin McEvoy to the festival
  • Director: Chiara Viale
  • Producer: Chiara Viale, Philip Kidd
  • Music: David Sangster, Zachary Stephenson
  • Cast: Cilléin McEvoy, Martina Babisova, Jack Fenton, Patrick O’Brien, Fergus Keane, Paula McGlinchey
 A little independent film with a big heart. —Cineuropa 

Also Screening

Islands Apart | 2019 | Sammy Nutt | 16 mins
It’s summer on a small island off the coast of Northern Ireland. Two worlds collide when an eccentric local woman befriends a young Polish boy who mysteriously turns up in her caravan. To see more clearly, we must look in our hearts. View Islands Apart Trailer.
  • Writer: Marie Campbell
  • Producer: Joan Burney Keatings