february, 2020

29feb6:00 pmWho's in Charge?Irish Shorts Program


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Who’s really running your life? You? Are you sure? Most people like to think they are in control of their lives, but perhaps more frequently than we would like to admit, that’s simply not true; life has a way of taking over. Various Directors | 100 mins We are delighted to welcome filmmakers Tom Lynch and producers Dawn MacAllister and Greg Burrowes to the festival.
The Vasectomy Doctor
The Vasectomy Doctor | 11 mins |Paul Webster
Dr. Andrew Rynne was the first doctor to perform vasectomies in Ireland challenging the restrictive laws governing sexuality in Ireland. View The Vasectomy Doctor Trailer.
Cut Throat |2 mins | A. W. Stevenson
A chance encounter changes the course of history.
Mosney | 8 mins | Ciaran Mackey and Sam Maher
Mosney was once known as an Irish landmark, providing families with cheap Irish holidays; now it houses asylum seekers from all over the world.
Mother | 10 mins | Natasha Waugh
A quirky, surrealist comedy that will lead you to question, just how necessary are you to the ones you love? View Mother Trailer.
Stray | 15 mins | Sinead O’Loughlin
An elderly woman returns to her home after a violent break in that robbed her of her husband and her peace of mind. View Stray Trailer.
Starry Night
Starry Night | 14 mins | Emma Smith
Story of a young girl who wants to follow her dreams must look at her life through the often-harsh lens of reality.
The Space Between Us
The Space Between Us | 8 mins | Elaine Kennedy
Three estranged siblings who are forced to reconnect when a tragedy occurs in their family.
Fragile | 15 minutes | John Corcoran
Derek's life-changing decision is about to be interrupted. View Fragile Trailer.
By Your Side
By Your Side | 1 min | Tom Lynch
A young man tries to come to terms with the loss of his wife.
The Anderson Corporation
The Anderson Corporation | 16 mins | Kealan Ryan
Henry Martin has lived a pretty uneventful existence until he wins a very unusual lottery prize.  View The Anderson Corporation Trailer