february, 2020

28feb7:00 pmWhat did you say?Irish Shorts Program


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It’s not always easy talking to your muse, the taxi driver, a leprechaun, your online date, a guy from the future, your drug dealing buddy or the maybe not so crazy lady you just met; but somehow, you’ll manage. Various Directors | 96 mins We are delighted to welcome filmmakers Rik Gordon, Tony Doyle, Michael David McKernan and producer Ailis Logan to the festival
9 Months
9 Months | Michael Wohlfeld | 11 mins
A courier for a criminal organization gets double crossed.
Pure Gold
Pure Gold | Rik Gordon | 14 mins
In the grip of a famine, a farmer must provide for his starving family. View Pure Gold Trailer.
Kathleen | Liam O’Neill | 18 mins
Sean is stuck. He’s a writer without words, a would-be lover with no one to love. View Kathleen Trailer.
Halo | Michael-David McKernan | 17 mins
A lonely taxi driver takes drastic action to protect a passenger from heartbreak. View Halo Trailer.
Match | Laura O’Shea + Tony Doyle | 12 mins
Two strangers ‘match’ online and meet for a casual ride - on a Monday, no less.
Rip to the Rescue
Rip to the Rescue |Paudie Baggott | 15 mins
In the post-apocalyptic Irish midlands, an overconfident American jet pilot tries to rescue a beautiful young woman. View Rip to the Rescue Trailer.
Spooky Talent Agent
Spooky Talent Agency | Vince Breheny | 1 min
A talent agent reveals the gritty reality of life behind the showbiz glamour.
Wine Lake
Wine Lake | Platon Theodoris | 10 mins
A chance encounter in Sydney between a homeless Irish alcoholic and an artistic backpacker results in a most unlikely connection. View Wine Lake Trailer.