Spotlight On Shorts

Each of these short films screens in conjunction with a feature film or documentary, films and dates noted with each listing.

2012  | Color | 8 mins
2013 Sundance Award Winner: Best Animation 

IRISH FOLK FURNITURE_ Image 2_A widowed inventor comes up with an interesting approach to childcare.

Producer: Cathal Black
Print Source: Tony Donoghue


Screen w/ SANCTUARY: March 1 @ 7:30 p.m . – AMC

FOXESLorcan Finnegan
2011  | Color | 15 mins

Foxes_1A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world…a world of the paranormal, or maybe insanity.

Producer: Brunella Cocchiglia
Cast: Marie Ruane, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Karen Griffin
Print Source: Lovely Productions

Screens w/ KEYS TO THE CITY: March 2 @ 5:30 p.m. – AMC


THE BLOW-INS C.J. Scuffins
2012  | Color | 15 mins

The Blow-Ins_2A Dublin woman joins a sea rescue service in West Cork to help redeem her family name, but things do not work as she planned when her first mayday mission turns out to be  one for the sea rescue books.

Producer: Raymond McSweeney. C.J. Scuffins
Cast: Jill Sartini, Eleen Phelan, Mark Shrier, Dermot Ward
Print Source: C. J. Scuffins

Screens w/ EARTHBOUND: March 2 @ 7:30 p.m. – AMC

WE, THE MASSESEoghan Kidney
2011 | Color | 5 mins
2012 Brooklyn Film Festival: Spirit Award

We, the Masses230x240In a barren snowy landscape a man falls to the ground. Searching to continue his fall, he discovers other men. He joins them, hoping they will lead him to his destination. What he is lead to is incomprehensible.


Producer: Nicky Gogan
Print Source: Still Films

Screens with CONGO: AN IRISH AFFAIR: March 3 @ 3:30 p.m. – SFA

HOME TURFRoss Whitaker
2011  | Color | 14 mins
2012 Kerry Film Festival: Best Documentary
2012 Film Festival della Lessina: Best Documentary

Home Turf 230x240

A visual celebration of the dying craft of turf-cutting. While the old men carry out their simple tradition with good humor and determination, the film explores the battle between man and machine, the inevitability of progress and the rich benefits of old-fashioned community life.

Producer: Aideen O’Sullivan
Print Source: True Films

Screens w/ WHEN ALI CAME TO IRELAND: March 4 @ 7:30 p.m. – AMC


TOWNOrla Murphy
2012 | Color | 7 mins

replaceRural towns: how they began, how they have changed and what the future may hold for them… revitalization or …?

Producers: Orla Murphy, Orla McHardy
Print source: Orla Murphy


Screens w/ BUILD SOMETHING MODERN: Monday, March 4 @ 5:30 – SFA


UISCE BEATHA – Shaun O’Connor
2012 | Color | 8 mins

2012 Cork Film Festival: Best of Cork
2012 Healdsburg International Film Festival: Best Drama
Ford 8 Minutes Short Competition: Runner-Up


A young man leaves his home in rural Ireland to cross the ocean on the doomed Titanic. Based on a true story.

Producers: Aideen Wylde
Writer/Cast: Tadhg Hickey
Print source: Shaun O’Connor

Screens w/ MEN AT LUNCH: Monday, March 4 @ 7:30 – SFA


FOXY JOHN’S Lanka Hauoche Perren
2012 | Color | 4 mins

FOXY STILL 1A hardware store, a pub, a iconic piece of Dingle, Co. Kerry history.

Producer: Lanka Haouche Perren
Print Source: Lanka Haouche Perren


Screens w/ THE FAR SIDE OF REVENGE: March 5 @ 5:30 – SFA

NO JUSTICEAlan Walsh, Mario Bortas
2012 | Color | 15 mins

No Justice still 6A father is torn between seeking revenge for his daughter and turning the other check.

Producer: John Phelan
Cast: Don Baker, Honor Heffernon, Karl Sheils
Print Source: Bootstrap Films

Screens w/ DERELICT: March 5 @ 7:30 p.m – SFA