Shorts Program I

PROGRAM I  Sunday, March 3 @ Society for Arts

2012 ׀ Color ׀ 15 mins

Partly_ Cloudy_ 3Fiona is dealing with the trials of being bridesmaid to her demanding sister Gillian….and the stress is about to take its toll.

Producer: Amanda Ferriter
Print Source: Medicine Hat Films

2012 ׀ Color ׀ 17 mins  subtitled

D.A.G. _4The classic tale of David and Goliath gets a reboot in Celtic Ireland.

Producer: Martin Streit
Print Source: Gobstar Films


RINT | Shaun O’Connor
2012 ׀ Color ׀ 6 mins

Rint_1A new tenant and his landlord have a serious
difference of opinion.

Producer: Tadhg Hickey
Print Source: Shaun O’Connor



2012 ׀ Color ׀ 8 mins

MACROPOLIS-stillTwo disabled squeaky toys, discarded from a factory production line find themselves lost and alone in the outside world.

Producer: Joel Simon
Print Source: Flicker Pix

2013 IFT Award Best Animation


2P | Will Maloney
2011 ׀ Color ׀ 3 mins

Billy2P_3 has an odd obsession. From 9-5 he’s works for the local nightclub, but his life’s passion lies in collecting 2p coins. Sometimes Billy’s love for 2p’s has him missing the bigger things in life…And the girl who just wants him to say hello

Producer: Will Maloney, Larry Cowan
Cast: Chris Patrick Simpson, Mary Frances Doherty
Print Source: Lamb Films

BBC Big Screen Film of the Week / Devour Film Festival – Runner-Up 


ATROPHY | Mairtin de Barra
2012| color | 12 mins

Atrophy_1A farmer’s life is radically changed when the government ceases his land in the  name of progress… and the farmer is not quite reconciled to the government’s decision.



Producer: Fearghal Duffy,
Cast: Pat Derry, Brain Fortune, Dave McConnon, Alvarro Lucchesi
Print Source: Mairtin de Barra


2012 ׀ Color ׀ 4 mins

Amoungst_Inspiraton_PaulHughes_2Vibrant and joyful! Thoughts about life and art with artist Paul Hughes.

Producer: James Cooper
Print Source: Rocket Science Productions


RHINOS | Shimmy Marcus
2012 ׀ Color ׀ 17 mins

RHINOS Park BenchA chance meeting in a park between Dubliner Thomas and German Ingrid sparks an afternoon of unspoken connection and urban wandering.


Producers: Ciara Gillan, Shimmy Marcus
Cast: Fionn Walton, Aylin Tezel
Print Source: Let’s Not Lose It Productions

Audience Award Best International Short Corona Cork Film Festival 2012

ALIA | Claire Dix
2012 ׀ Color ׀ 16 mins


Alia is an Afghan-Irish girl torn between two worlds, that of her traditional Afghan community and her secret relationship with an Irish boy.

Producer: Nodlag Houlihan
Print Source: Zucca films