2012 U.S. Premier
RT: 80 mins | Color | DCP

Keys_To_The_City_1What would a young mother do to keep her child clothed and feed? How far would a husband go to save his home and keep his family happy? How far would a young man go to keep from losing his life savings? Monika is from Poland caught in a minimum wage job as an office cleaner, Eoin is a businessman who finds himself unable to pay his bills or his mortgage and Paul is caught between threatening eviction on equally desperate tenants and a bank with no interest in personal stories. Through separate, but interlinked stories their choices affect their own lives as well as others. Together the stories provide an intimate portrait of ordinary people trying to keep their heads above water in a Dublin submerged in recession and filled with economic anxiety. Despite the film’s micro budget KEYS TO THE CITY delivers strong and engaging performances, great cinematography and editing; a remarkable feat by three first time filmmakers.

Directors: Laura Way, Chris Brennan, Mel Cannon
Script: James Fair, Conor Horgan, Conor McDermottroe
Producer: Peter Bodie, Trisha Flood
Cinematographer:  Deirdre O’Toole
Editor: Frank Reid
Music: Rory Coleman
Cast: Conor Mullen, Rory Keenan, Natalia Kostrzewa, David Murray, Una Kavanagh,
Art Kearnes, Ger Ryan
Production: Filmbase
Print Source: Peter Bodie