2012  U.S. Premier
RT 74 mins ׀ Color ׀ BlueRay

Derelict_2DERELICT takes the one location idea filters it through a Tiger kidnapping and fills it with real time tension, two estranged brothers, a jumpy gun man and a semi-retired professional robber.
A bank manager, his wife and daughter are brought to a derelict factory by the men after a kidnapping where the family is tied up and one of the men leaves with the husband to get the money. It should be a simple affair, hold up for a few hours, split up the money and fade away with no one the wiser. But nothing is ever that simple as fear and paranoia sets in when the kidnappers realize they are not alone in the building.

Much of the fun to be had here is in the relationship between the two brothers and the younger hothead. These scenes crackle with both a sense of dread and dark humor. This is particularly true with J (Michael Bates) and Davey Boy’s (Steve Gunn) interaction. There is an authenticity here that adds layers to the film. This relationship is superbly written and nicely acted and it is what gives the film its heart, momentum and its tension. The finale of the film is well staged and presents an interesting angle and perspective that chimes with the times, “desperate men, desperate measures” that fill today’s headlines. With an effective and edgy soundtrack by Dermot O’Mahony and riveting acting from all involved this is a fine low budget thriller by first-time helmer Frank Kelly.

Director/Writer: Frank Kelly
Producers: Frank Kelly, Richard Quinn, Elliot V. Kotek
Editor: John Murphy
Cinematography: John Lawlor
Lighting: James Mulholland
Music: Dermot O’Mahoney
Cast: Michael Bates, Steve Gunn, Gerry Shanahan, Elaine Reddy, Rory Mullen,
Catherine Wrigglesworth, Brian Fortune
Production: Scarlet Cresant Pictures / Nation of Artists
Print Source: Frank Kelly