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RT: 70 mins ׀ Color ׀ Digi

BUILD_SOMETHING_MODERN_4Build Something Modern tells the story of a lost canon of Irish architecture. The film reveals the surprising and untold history about the adventurous architects who began their career in Africa and went on to become some of Ireland’s most significant architectural figureheads. Between the 1950s and 1970s, young architects travelled to Africa for creative freedom during an era of relative cultural conservatism at home, while others designed buildings from Ireland that they themselves would never see in their completed form in Africa. The film travels back to the 1950s, to a still largely colonial Africa where the Irish missionary movement was at its height, and traces the story of the buildings through the devastating impact of wars that destroyed many of the structures right through to the present day. Reworking stunning imagery from both the personal archives of the architects and recruitment films made by the missionary orders, the film encompasses Still Films unique visual and storytelling style. BUILD SOMETHING MODERN is a touching and revealing film about the special relationship between architects and the structures they create. Accompanied by an evocative soundtrack which establishes connections between memory and construction, the film is as much a study of the effect time has on the mind as on physical structures. BUILD SOMETHING MODERN is a meaningful portrait both of the lives of spaces as well as those of the people that create them. Filmbase – Irish Film Institute

Directors: Nicky Gogan, Paul Rowley
Producers:  Nicky Gogan, Maya Derrington
Cinematography: Arlene Nelson
Editor: Tom Roche
Music: Dennis McNulty
Narration: Solomon Osho
Concept/Research: Dr. Lisa Gordon
Production: Still Films
Print Source: Still Films  –


Still Films won the 2011 Michael Dwyer Discovery  Award for their contribution to Irish  Culture presented by the Dublin Film Critics Circle.