History, Humor and Humility

A Doctors Sword_1

Imagine being in a fox hole in WWI and your commanding officer speaks a different language. That was just one of the many obstacles Irish soldiers from Donegal faced as they fought in the British Army during the war. Irish

2015 Short Films

Looking to be shocked into speechlessness, moved to tears, laugh until you cry or wonder in amazement then don’t miss any of the 34 small masterpieces of film that make up this year’s shorts programs. There are international award winners,

Opening Night Film: POISON PEN


poison_penPC Molloy (Lochlann Ó Mearáin) is a Booker Prize-winning author with a bad case of writer’s block that’s left him unable to complete his second novel for over a decade. Snobby, self-absorbed and completely out of touch with current …