Shorts Program II has everything from science fiction fantasy to documentary, hard choices to cheeky Irish humor. Two  films by Andrew Legge will open and close the program: THE GIRL WITH THE MECHANICAL MAIDEN takes a most fantastical approach to childcare while A KINGDOM ONCE AGAIN presents a most radical idea to solve Ireland’s current financial situation. The star of Connor Finnigan’s FEAR OF FLYING is a bird that doesn’t fly!; fear drives young traveller Francie Flanagan as he searches for a solution to his troubles in Colm Higgen’s VANNER;  Shaun O’Connor’s third film in the festival, MUTT, is a gentle tale of a family pet’s passing and an interrupted trip to the vet; in Will Maloney’s COWBOYS AND DISSIDENTS a young man looks revenge in the face and makes a choice that will change his life; life changing are the final moments in BARRY’S BESPOKE BAKERY by Denis McArdle in a world of sumptuous cakes for special occasions;  creme chantilly and gateau ‘a choclat is an elegant women’s only desire in Connor Ferguson’s UN PEU PLUS; and  Hanna Bowen’s MHOIR THAN A TEAM a striking documentary about life on  a small island off the  Northwest tip of Ireland that reflects on economics, emigration and soccer.
All shorts are in competition for the annual FESTIVAL AWARD, the AUDIENCE AWARD and the CONSULATE of IRELAND AWARD.  The festival awards and the Consulate of Ireland will be presented closing night with the Audience Award posted online on March 7th if we can tally them that quickly.