Partly_ Cloudy_ 3
Shorts Program I is filled with smiles and triumphs as lives are sorted out and obstacles are overcome through small stories with big hearts. Mark Coogan’s PARTLY CLOUDY is a lovely and honest portrait of sisterly love and patience… RINT by Shaun O’Connor highlights just how important pronunciation can be: DAITHI AGUS GOLIATH, by Gerald O’Brien,  is a brilliantly animated up date of the biblical story of David and Goliath; Will Maloney’s 2P is a delightful story of passions and love; MACROPOLIS is the heartwarming story of two imperfect toys thrust into the real world by award winning animator Joel Simon; Mairtin de Barra’s ATROPHY explores the balance between social exclusion and social responsibility tinged with  humor and empathy;  Claire Dix’s ALIA puts the issue of cultural heritage front and center in a story about family versus young love; artist Paul Hughes is the subject of James Cooper’s AMOUNGST INSPIRATION exhibiting paintings and a smile that light up the screen; and Shimmy Marcus’ RHINOS is proof that language barriers can’t spoil an afternoon of music, laughter and new found friendship.