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Award winning, entertaining, witty, animated, edgy, cultural, anticipated, this year’s short films are all this and more.

The festival will open with Tony Donoghue’s 2013 Sundance award winner, IRISH FOLK FURNITURE, an animated testament to what a new coat of paint can do. IRISH FOLK FURNITURE is part of the Spotlight on Shorts Program, a selected group of shorts that will screen with feature films and documentaries throughout the festival. This selection of shorts also includes… Lorcan Finnigan’s FOXES, an eerie portrait of nighttime happenings in one of Ireland’s “ghost estates”;  C.J. Scuffin’s THE BLOW-INS, which finds a very determined young woman attempting to redeem her family’s name—even if she has to join the sea rescue service to do it; Eoghan Kidney’s  animated film, WE, THE MASSES, is based on the art work of Robyn O’Neil, as beautiful as it is unsettling; HOME TURF, the award winning film by Ross Whitaker, beautifully captures the joys of comraderie and the ancient art of turf cutting; Shaun O’Connor’s UISCE BRETHA  won the 2012 Best of Cork Award, a fateful story of a young man with a ticket to America on the Titanic; Irish architect Orla Murphy’s animated film, TOWN, highlights the “suburbanization” of rural villages into indistinguishable centers of garages and big box outlets; Lanka Perren’s tribute to Dingle’s FOXY JOHN’S , a pub and a hardware store both day and night!; and NO JUSTICE, Alan Walsh’s gritty drama about drugs, death and revenge.