The 26th Galway Film Fleadh: Day 5

boogaloo_and_grahanW.C. Field one said “never work with animals or children” because you will be totally upstaged and that is certainly the case in BOOGALOO and GRAHAM directed by Michael Lennox. When two young brothers, in 1970s Belfast, are denied a puppy due to space and family finances, they get pet chickens. Totally delightful from every angle! Also stealing screens, in Ruaidhi Conroy’s JUSTLIKEABITCH, is Diana the beloved dog of a homeless man who’s life is turned upside when she mysteriously disappears one morning. Sad, funny and filled with more than a few surprises and a couple more dogs.
a_city_dreamingA CITY DREAMING, directed by Mark McCauley, is a stunning tribute to Derry, a city that once housed thriving industry, multiple rail yards and a bustling harbor, but during the last half century has suffered steady decline with the lost of lives and trade punctuated by sectarian violence and mass immigration. However, Derry never lost its spirit and with a beautiful and fascinating script written by Gerry Anderson, a BBC Radio Ulster personality who grew up in Derry and also narrates the film, the documentary unravels like an epic poem to a city that may have stumbled but never fell.
patrick's_dayNormally films about mental illness don’t play in prime time, but Terry McMahon’s PATRICK’S DAY not only played in prime time but received a standing ovation as the credits rolled. An amazing movie starring Moe Dunford as Patrick a young man with schizophrenia who falls in love with a flight attendant he meets on one of his rare visits to the city with his over protective mother. What then unfolds is a story of family, trust, intimacy and sanity as Patrick tries to balance what he’s told from what he feels. An extraordinary film that makes an honest attempt to present a very complex issue.
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