Last Night in Cork

Well the festival has been absolutely amazing and the days have literally flown by filled with great movies, lively discussions and mad dashes across the city so as not to miss a single screening many of which were sold out….really sold out!

Today was filled with a number of great programs starting off with Cathy Pearson’s documentary about Chicago born photojournalist John G. Morris entitled Get The Picture? Morris began his career just before the start of WWII and is still a part of the industry at 96….An extraordinary story about an extraordinary man! Next was a quick visit into an industry gathering with DIT School of Media, the Galway Film Centre, the Houston School of Media and Cork College among others showcasing their programs  and highlighting the students that are now working around the world in film and winning lots of awards…….. Of course we were there to encourage them to apply to the fest in Chicago.

One of the most anticipated programs at the festival each year is the premier screening of the Irish Film Board shorts and this year’s group where as wonderful as they were varied touching on everything from the history of grocers to immigration and cycling and capped off with one of the Chicago festival’s favorite filmmakers, Morgan Bushe, and his short Doghouse which had the audience in stitches. Hopefully, we will be able to snag it for a screening come March.

So back to the States tomorrow morning and then the real work of securing the programming that will light the screens for the 14th Chicago festival…November wouldn’t be November with out Cork ….and Thanksgiving…hope you enjoyed the posts from Cork.