Festival Madness

Horsemen Pass By @ the Festival Club

The festival is half way done, but the energy has increased tenfold as filmmakers, producers and distributors have started to arrive in droves and the number of films with Irish roots fill the schedule; seven screenings today!

But back to yesterday with three screenings that really stood out. First was the continuing program from The National Film School that screened the ground breaking documentary Boys For Rent (1993) by Liam McGrath about teenage boy prostitution and Kirsten Sheridan’s Patterns(1998) an extraordinarily authentic look at autism. This earlier film which is controlled and tightly paced stood in sharp contrast to her new film Dollhouse (2012) which was filmed using a fifteen page script, multiple cameras and a great deal of improve. In the Q&A that followed the screening Sheridan and the cast revealed that frequently only a few people on set knew what was coming next in an attempt to make the film feel authentic and “live”. Whether they were successful was certainly debatable, but that elevated the film as everyone was still debating the film on multiple levels right into the after party at the festival club.

The other screening of note was part of the Free Radicals program entitled Low Definition Control by Austrian filmmaker Michael Palm that looked at how technology has become so intertwined with our everyday lives no one seems to be paying attention anymore. The film looked at both the bio-political and governmental processes that could at some point be used to control society…food for thought as all the Free Radical films always are.

Today promises to be grand with the screening of four Irish films, two documentaries, Very Extremely Dangerous by Paul Duane and Skin In The Game by Donald Taylor Black and two features, Good Vibrations by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn and Phil Harrison’s The Good Man whose short Even Gods screened in Chicago and has won multiple awards worldwide… all very exciting….and of course at last two dozen more shorts!!!!!