Dervla and Rachel

2012 Documentary
Director: Garret Daly
Breaking_ Ground
screening w/ BREAKING GROUND

1:00 PM
Gallery Theatre



She is Ireland’s most prolific travel writer who doesn’t accept advances writing what she wants when she wants. Twenty four books, countless journeys, a worldwide fan base and massive critical success. But WHO IS DERVLA MURPHY?. The film is a profile of the woman behind the words. A woman whose personal life is as fascinating as her extensive journeys. An independent woman who turned her back on societal conventions observing the world with wonder, curiosity and an astute political sensibility.

For five decades Dervla Murphy traveled the world and turned each experience into a successful and fascinating book. Her first book, Full Tilt: Ireland to India With A Bicycle is regarded by many as the inspiration for travel in their own lives. For a young Irish woman to setoff cycling to India from Ireland in 1965 defines the unique strength within this amazing author. Her travels have brought her to Tibet, Cameroon, Rwanda, Peru, Ethiopia, Cuba and Siberia. Dervla’s thoughts are also never far from politics, as featured in Race to Finish; The Nuclear Stakes and her writings on Northern Ireland in A Place Apart.

WHO IS DERVLA MURPHY? includes rare footage of Dervla’s family home in Lismore and interviews with her daughter Rachel, publisher John Murray and broadcaster and travel writer Manchan Magan.

Running Time 65 mins | Colour | BluRay
Producer:  Martina McGlynn
Production: Mixed Bag Media
Print Source: Mixed Bag Media