2013 Feature Film
Director: Michael McCudden

screening w/short: A SUITABLE CANDIDATE

9:00 pm
Gallery Theatre



Sodium Party is an experimental non-linear thriller set between both modern day and the protagonist’s childhood. Claire (Slaine Kelly) is a girl whose childhood was sheltered by a controlling mother. After the deaths of her parents, she leaves for college and the life she never experienced. A new world opens to her as she meets Danny (James Corscadden), a college student obsessed with photography, who is as taken with Claire as she is with him. He introduces her to a life that she never had, where they go to parties, and experiment with all there is to experiment with. But just as life seems to be going her way, Hannah, an imaginary friend from her childhood, begins to appear and haunt Claire, and her life begins to unravel in front of her eyes as the past refuses to stay in the past. A tale of death and life, rebirth, childhood, control, betrayal, kidnapping and the possible supernatural, Sodium Party breaks down the standard film form to become something truly unique.

RT: 80 mins l color I BluRay

Director: Michael McCudden
Producer: Alison Scarff, Richard Waters
Script: Michael McCudden
Music: Steve Nolan
Cast: Slaine Kelly, James Corscadden, Marian Rose
Print Source: Weird Pretty Pictures

“These films in themselves reflect the need for … independent cinema. The directors and teams behind the films have an abundance of talent and imagination. They are the emerging voices of cinema in Ireland… and fresh names in International cinema.”
Una Feely – IndieCork Film Program Director