2013 Feature Film

Director: Paul Kennedy

Handsome Shadows  2
screening w/short: HANDSOME SHADOWS

7:00 pm
Gallery Theatre



Jack Kelly (Ciarán McMenamin) is a successful novelist who leads a reclusive life in his apartment in Paris. His first novel, MADE IN BELFAST, was a critical and commercial success – there was only one problem: it exposed the private lives and innermost secrets of his close friends and family, and none of them have spoken to him since he ran away. But when circumstances conspire to bring him back to his hometown for a few days, he decides to spend that time putting things right with the friends he betrayed, the brother he abandoned, and the fiancée he jilted. Made on the most micro of micro budgets, Made in Belfast proves that money is no substitute for a good story. Featuring more genuine romance and laughs than most big-budget rom-coms as well as telling the compelling story of a man returning to a home town he no longer recognizes, Paul Kennedy’s debut feature is a minor miracle.

Running Time: 83 Mins | Colour

Producers: Mark Butler, Louise Gallagher, Stuart Graham, Paul Kennedy
Script: Paul Kennedy
Cast: Ciarán McMenamin, Shauna MacDonald, Owen McDonnell, Tara Lynne O’Neill, Shaun Blaney, Paul Kennedy
Production: KGB Screen
Print Source: KGB Screen