Breaking_ Ground
2013 Documentary
Director: Michelle Deignan

Dervla and Rachel

1:00 PM
Gallery Theatre



This unique documentary, made by an all women crew, tells the fascinating story about the rise and fall of the London Irish Women’s Center, a radical organization based in North London from 1983 – 2012. The film features unique archival material and is intercut with interviews by 18 women who were in involved with the organization over the course of 29 years. The LIWC was founded to provide an alternative cultural and political space for women to be Irish, supporting and representing all women who identified themselves as Irish, regardless of politics, religion, color or class.

The film charts the center’s activities, from its political and social campaigning to its provision of desperately needed services in London. By the end of the 80’s Irish women made up 10% of the capital’s female population having immigrated not only for economic reasons but for an alternative life style away from the predominately male and repressive Catholic culture of Ireland. But their optimism for a new life was tempered by the harsh reality of discrimination against Irish women especially in housing and employment. From organizing the first Irish women’s conference in the UK to research and support the LIWC openly discussed and made public issues that were important to women in Ireland and Irish women in London that impacted the culture and politics of London and the mainstream Irish community in London that had long been indifferent to the basic needs of these newly immigrated women. The film was commissioned by Mind Yourself Films.

Producer: Toy Factory Films
RT: 63 mins l color l BluRay