2015 Festival Awards


 Awarded to

Patrick O’Shea

Jackie Oh!!



Awarded to

Damien Dunne

The Swing


 Honorable Mention
Rip It Up & Start Again
Stephen Ryan
I’ve Been A Sweeper
Ciaran Dooley


Awarded to

Michael Lennox

Boogaloo and Graham


Honorable Mention
Somewhere Down the Line
Julien Regnard
Anthony Assad

Still Photos for the movie deadbook.tv

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who helped make the 16th Chicago Irish Film Festival a success. To the filmmakers whose talents lit up the screen for 6 wonderful days your visions, dreams, ingenuity and creativity  made us laugh, cry, gasp, wonder, engage and think: thank you! To our sponsors we are truly grateful , your support at every level helps us make the festival the best that it can be.   And to our  audiences , from those who have shared all 16 years  with us, to those who made this year their first, we hope you enjoyed the festival and we look forward to seeing  you again in 2016.   THANK YOU.